Kawasaki Super Green Product

L30A-01D/DLH Gas Turbine

Initial registration: 2016
L30A-01D/DLH Gas Turbine

Offer the world’s highest level electrical efficiency and NOx performance in class. Allow for hydrogen mix combustion while controlling NOx emissions

L30A-01D/DLH Gas Turbine

Improve electrical efficiency to 40.1% and achieve a guaranteed NOx value of below 15ppm (O2=15%)(25ppm (O2=15%) for hydrogen mix, with 60% hydrogen per volume).

Product Description

Highly efficient gas turbines that deliver eco-friendly low NOx emissions. The world’s highest efficiency was achieved by adapting high pressure ratio compressor, improvements of components, state-of-the-art cooling technology. Well-proven Kawasaki Dry Low Emission (DLE) combustor has been improved to enable hydrogen mixed combustion while maintaining world’s lowest NOx.

Special Features