Hydrogen Road Kawasaki Hydrogen Road Paving the way for a hydrogen-based society.

Our aim is to usher a large quantity of hydrogen into our society in a manner that is safe, stable and affordable to handle.
As our technology moves ahead, the makings of a new road, the Hydrogen Road, will be created.


Hydrogen production

As a simple substance, hydrogen does not exist in a natural state in this world. But, it can be produced from a variety of other substances.

Utilization of unused resources

A large amout of lignite exists around the world. Because lignite easily self ignites when dried, it is used only for power generation near a coal field. This ignite can be a source of affordable hydrogen.

Utilization of natural energy

Hydrogen can be produced from the electrolysis of water. The concept of utilizing surplus power from wind power plants to produce hydrogen is being promoted in some countries. Energy will be stored in the form of hydrogen to be used any time when needed.

Liquefaction of hydrogen

As the demand for hydrogen increases with the spread of fuel cell motor vehicles and hydrogen power generation, hydrogen will need be handled in a large quantity. The volume of liquefied hydrogen is 1/800 of its gaseous form - a condition that enables efficient handling.

Systems for hydrogen liquefaction

A hydrogen liquefaction system will be the key facility for handling hydrogen in a large quantity. We have developed the first hydrogen liquefaction system in Japan by utilizing our long-held technologies of cryogenic and high speed rotating machines.

Marine transport

The method of transportation is the key to diffision of the new energy, hydrogen.

Small liquefied hydrogen carrier

More than thirty years have passed since the construction of Japan's first LNG carrier. Kawasaki is now moving forward with the construction of small liquefied hydrogen carriers. Our technology is making further progress in order to transport liquefied hydrogen, the temperature of which is about 100℃ cooler than LNG.

Large liquefied hydrogen carrier

When our society utilizes hydrogen on a full scale, there will be a need to transport a large quantity of affordable hydrogen produced overseas to Japan. What will support the distribution of hydrogen then, is the large liquefied hydrogen carriers developed by Kawasaki.

Storage and ground transport

Kawasaki's technology has supported rocket fuels.
We have a record spanning over 25 years.

Liquefied hydrogen storage tank

For long-term storage, it is important to prevent the evaporation of the liquefied hydrogen inside the tanks. Kawasaki has engineered liquefied hydrogen storage tanks by developing insulation technology more advanced than that for LNG storage tanks. This has been in use at JAXA Tanegashima Space Center for over 25 years.

Liquefied hydrogen container

As the demand for hydrogen energy increases, a method of ground transportation to bring a large quantity of hydrogen to its place of consumption is required. Our insulation technology cultivated from developing LNG storage tanks enables ground transportation of liquefied hydrogen.

Compressed hydrogen trailer

In preparation for the spread of fuel cell motor vehicles, hydrogen stations are being developed in various locations. Kawasaki has developed Japan's first compressed hydrogen trailer equipped with containers made of composite material in order to transport hydrogen in the form of compressed hydrogen to hydrogen stations.

Gas turbines

Utilization of hydrogen

Hydrogen can be used for a variety of purposes via conversion into electricity and thermal energy. Its utilization as fuels for fuel cell motor vehicles and power generation is expected.

Hydrogen power generation facility

Clean electricity generated by hydrogen will be used in the near future. Our power generating facilities of gas turbines and gas engines have a power generation efficiency at the world's highest level. With these products, Kawasaki will contribute to creating an environmentaly friendly and a livable society.

These hydrogen related products are based on the LNG related products that Kawasaki has developed in the past.

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