Kawasaki Commences Sales of Thirty-percent-hydrogen Mixed-fuel DLE Combustor for 30 MW Class Gas Turbines
Hydrogen Transported from Australia Used for Hydrogen Power Generation~The hydrogen production, transportation, storage, and utilization are seamlessly connected into an integrated supply chain~ (PDF:584.6 KB)
Kawasaki Completes World’s First Basic Engineering Works for Hydrogen Marine Main Boiler
Kawasaki Obtains AIP for Large, 160,000㎥ Liquefied Hydrogen Carrier
Airbus, Kawasaki Heavy Industries partner to study use of hydrogen in Japan
HySTRA celebrates completion of world’s first liquefied hydrogen vessel voyage in Japan (PDF:1.2M )
Dawn of Australia’s Hydrogen Industry - Arrival of the World’s First Liquefied Hydrogen Carrier, the SUISO FRONTIER, in Victoria (PDF:207.5K )
The SUISO FRONTIER commences its maiden voyage to Australia, marking the start of the World's First Demonstration of International Transporation of Large Volume Liquefied Hydrogen (HySTRA)
One of The World's First 100% Hydrogen-to-Power Demonstrations on Industrial Scale Launches in Lingen, Germany
Liquefied Hydrogen Carrier -SUISO FRONTIER- Receives Classification from Nippon Kaiji Kyokai
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Subaru, Toyota, Mazda, and Yamaha Take on Challenge to Expand Options for Producing, Transporting, and Using Fuel Toward Achieving Carbon Neutrality
Kawasaki Hydrogen Aircraft Core Technology Development Project Selected for NEDO Green Innovation Fund Support
Implementation of a Japan-Australia Project Feasibility Study for the Creation of a Large-Scale Green Liquefied Hydrogen Supply Chain - Six Japanese and Australian companies sign a memorandum of understanding -
Kobe/Kansai Hydrogen Utilization Council Report-Organizing a Future Vision for a Hydrogen Society and Quantifying Supply and Demand-
Industry partners to jointly explore the development of a liquefied hydrogen supply infrastructure for Keppel’s data centres in Singapore
Kawasaki Develops Cargo Containment System for Large Liquefied Hydrogen Carrier with World's Highest Carrying Capacity—AiP Obtained from ClassNK
Japanese Manufacturers Cooperate on Development of Hydrogen Fueled Marine Engines
Major Milestone for Victoria’s World-First Hydrogen Project
Kawasaki Technical Review No.182(Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain) has issued
Kawasaki Completes Basic Design for World's Largest Class (11,200-cubic-meter) Spherical Liquefied Hydrogen Storage Tank
Kawasaki Completes World's First Liquefied Hydrogen Receiving Terminal Kobe LH2 Terminal (Hy touch Kobe)
World's First Successful Technology Verification of 100% Hydrogen-fueled Gas Turbine Operation with Dry Low NOx Combustion Technology
Kawasaki Commences Sales of Hydrogen Liquefier
Kawasaki Completes Installation of Liquefied Hydrogen Storage Tank for Marine Transport Applications on World's First Liquefied Hydrogen Carrier
World's First Liquefied Hydrogen Carrier SUISO FRONTIER Launches
The Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Project starts construction of Hydrogen Liquefaction and Loading Terminal
World’s First Loading Arm for Ship-to-Shore Transfer of Liquefied Hydrogen Developed
World's First Heat and Electricity Supplied in an Urban Area Using 100% Hydrogen