Product Liability/Safety

Management Approach

Our Basic Stance

The Kawasaki Group’s businesses involve the provision of many infrastructure products, so ensuring that customers can use our products and services with confidence is a key management issue. In a section titled “Quality and Safety of Products and Services,” the Kawasaki Group Code of Conduct states that we must provide high-performance, high-quality, and safe products and services. We will constantly maintain a high level of trust in the Kawasaki Group and contribute to the quality assurance of management by creating a Group-wide quality-assurance and product-safety structure, producing safe and excellent products that meet the expectations of our customers, and supplying appropriate services.

Product Quality and Safety Policy

The Kawasaki Group recognizes that creating new value contributing to people’s affluent lives and the future of the global environment is our social responsibility and that supplying products and services with customer-satisfying quality is one of the Group’s management principles relating to business continuity. In 2021 we established the Kawasaki Group Policy on Quality Management, which is operated properly throughout the entire Group so as to continue activities effectively and efficiently toward the creation of customer value.

Scope of Policy Application

The Kawasaki Group


We have established the TQM Department within the Corporate Technology Division and are promoting Group-wide quality-assurance activities centering on policy management, day-to-day management, process assurance, and quality-management education. We have also established divisions responsible for quality control within internal companies so as to promote quality-improvement activities within these companies.

Support for the building of best-suited TQM systems for each business segment

Responsible Officer

Hiroshi Nakatani, Representative Director, Senior Corporate Executive Officer (in charge of TQM)

Responsible Executive Organ and/or Committee

We promote initiatives by regularly formulating policies, plans, and so on related to the building and strengthening of the Group-wide total quality management (TQM) structure, including quality assurance.
 Furthermore, we promote information sharing between the Head Office and internal companies and TQM activities through meetings of the Company-Wide Quality Committee held four times a year.

Quality and Safety Management

We have built a quality-assurance system that, for each internal company and product group, clarifies the roles of each division relating to quality assurance at every stage, from product contract, development, and design to after-delivery service, and enables the production of safe and excellent products and the implementation of appropriate services that satisfy customers. This quality-assurance system includes the following:

  1. A clear understanding of the product quality (function, safety) demanded by customers and society
  2. The planning and development of products that meet the above demands
  3. The setting of criteria, standards, etc.
  4. The review of contract content
  5. Appropriate document management
  6. Weaving of demanded quality (function, safety) into design
  7. Crafting of design quality into products through appropriate production planning and management
  8. Guidance and management of quality-assurance activities of suppliers based on appropriate procurement plans
  9. Reflection in customer services, development, design, and manufacturing through the gathering, understanding, and analysis of after-delivery quality information
  10. Quality-assurance auditing (including suppliers)
  11. Effective quality-assurance educational programs and raising of quality-assurance awareness
  12. Promotion of the most effective and economical quality-assurance activities through the appropriate utilization of management technology

Promotion of TQM Activities

  • Promotion of quality-assurance activities and TQM activities at internal companies
    We position TQM as an approach toward supplementing and strengthening quality-assurance activities at internal companies. Rather than individual activities, we tackle activities as a means of enhancing the quality and efficiency of company-wide work and services using the TQM method.
  • Implementation of company-wide seminars, etc. to disseminate TQM
    We continuously implement level-specific seminars for all employees. In addition, we deepen understanding of TQM at all levels, from new recruits to top management, by means of a level-specific educational curriculum including the use of our original teaching materials and seminars with outside speakers.
  • Evaluation of TQM levels
    We implement the evaluation of TQM levels and, using common indicators, quantitatively assess the state of implementation of TQM activities at all internal companies and Head Office divisions. Through these surveys, we assess the current state of implementation of TQM activities and identify processes and activities where improvements are desirable, which leads to the sharing of our respective strengths.

Quality and Safety Education and Awareness Raising

We implement TQM education for all employees and at all levels in an effort to raise awareness of quality and safety. At each internal company and for each product group, we conduct education for employees actually involved in manufacturing on quality and product safety depending on product properties, thereby endeavoring to improve quality and ensure machine safety.

Measures in Event of Quality and Safety Violations and Accidents

We monitor the status of quality- and safety-related incidents throughout the Company, including those involving violations of laws and regulations, while regularly confirming whether required countermeasures are being implemented. Findings gleaned from these activities are utilized to update our quality management system.

ISO 9001 Certification Status

Kawasaki acquires ISO 9001 certification at the internal company and business segment level.

  • Aerospace Systems Company: Certified (JIS Q 9100 for Defense & Aerospace, Commercial Aircraft, Helicopter & MRO, and Aero Engine Business Division)
  • Energy Solution & Marine Engineering Company: Certified (Energy Solution, Plant Engineering, Marine Machinery, and Ship & Offshore Structure Business Division)
  • Precision Machinery & Robot Company: Certified (Precision Machinery Business Division; some parts of the division also certified under IATF 16949, and Robot Business Division)
  • Kawasaki Railcar Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: Certified
  • Kawasaki Motors, Ltd.: Certified


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