Kawasaki Report 2018

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Kawasaki Group Mission Statement (PDF:620KB)pdflink
To Our Stakeholders (PDF:382KB)pdflink
Our Approach Towards Sustainable Value Creation (PDF:426KB)pdflink
Seeking to Solve Social Issues and Achieve Sustainable Growth (PDF:269KB)pdflink
  • Ship & Offshore Structure
  • Providing safe and secure, clean, comfortable movement of people and transportation of goods by land, sea and air
  • Creating clean energy
  • Responding to needs of aging society and shortage of labor through automation
  • Improving social infrastructure, especially in emerging countries
Delivering Value to Society Through Our Evolving Technology (PDF:699KB)pdflink
Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members (PDF:602KB)pdflink
Performance Highlights (PDF:98.9KB)pdflink
Message from the Top Management (PDF:455KB)pdflink
Regarding the Defects during Manufacturing Process of Series N700 Shinkansen Train Bogie Frames (PDF:147KB)pdflink
Leveraging Our Capabilities (PDF:1.85MB)pdflink
  • Aerospace Systems
  • Energy System & Plant Engineering
  • Precision Machinery & Robot
  • Ship & Offshore Structure
  • Rolling Stock
  • Motorcycle & Engine
Growing with Society (PDF:441KB)pdflink
Process for Identifying Materiality (PDF:535KB)pdflink
Toward Realizing a Low-carbon Society (PDF:255KB)pdflink
Corporate Governance/Compliance/Risk Management (PDF:141KB)pdflink
Developing and Utilizing Human Resources (PDF:110KB)pdflink
Collaboration with Business Partners/Human Rights (PDF:174KB)pdflink
Social Contribution (PDF:174KB)pdflink
Eleven-year Summary (PDF:44.2KB)pdflink
Management Discussion & Analysis (PDF:45.4KB)pdflink
Consolidated Balance Sheets (PDF:38.4KB)pdflink
Consolidated Statements of Income and Comprehensive Income (PDF:36.9KB)pdflink
Consolidated Statements of Changes in Net Assets (PDF:39.4KB)pdflink
Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows (PDF:40.3KB)pdflink
Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements (PDF:550KB)pdflink
Executives (PDF:49.8KB)pdflink
Corporate Profi le/Stock Information (PDF:37.7KB)pdflink
Base/Major Subsidiaries Introduction (PDF:37.8KB)pdflink


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