Main Characteristics of Gas Turbine and Gas Engine

Kawasaki offers gas turbines and gas engines. They each have their own characteristic features, and we thereby provide the optimal energy solution to suit the needs of the customer.

  Gas Turbine Gas Engine
Energy Ratio of Cogeneration
Electrical Efficiency (LHV) 29-33% 48.5-49%
Total Efficiency of Cogeneration
80-83% 63.5-77%
Electrical Efficiency (Partial Load) Good Very Good
Exhaust Heat High exhaut gas temperature and amount Low exhaust gas temperature
NOx Emissions (O2=15%) 15-25ppm (DLE) 57ppm
Vibration Ultra Low Low
Machine Size Small Large
Start-up Time 20min. 10min.
Maintenance Interval Very Long Long

*Above information is under the same generation capacity (5MW-8MW)