Virtual Synchronous Generator (iVSG™)

iVSG™ is the key technology to ensures the grid stability without operation of engines and turbines.

Renewable energy with inverters is becoming popular around the world but conventional inverter controls cannot provide inertia. By using the conventional method, grid cannot be kept stable if the renewable energy ratio exceeds 30%.

Technical issues of renewable energy with conventional inverters are as follows.
  • Frequency and voltage cannot be kept stable during the grid-connected operation.
  • Parallel operation with other generators is difficult in the isolated grid.
  • Seamless transition between the grid-connected operation and the isolated operation is difficult due to control mode switching.

These will become major obstacles for the further expansion of renewable energy. Kawasaki believe that Virtual Synchronous Generator method with high durability storage system will be the effective solution.

Kawasaki has worked to solve these matters since the beginning of the 2010s and has successfully developed a software applicable to inverters called “iVSG™” which makes it possible for the inverter type power sources to possess inertia by mimicking the characteristic of the synchronous generators.

iVSG™ is a control application which enables an inverter to behave like a synchronous generator. iVSG™ provides 4 useful features which contributes to grid stability via software-based control system.

4 useful features

  1. Isolated operation
  2. Grid connected operation
  3. Parallel operation with other generators
  4. Seamless transition between grid connected operation and isolated operation

As referring to above, since iVSG™ ensures the grid stability without operation of engines and turbines, iVSG™ can reduce fuel consumption which leads to energy cost saving and decarbonization.

Example of a system configuration


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