Water Jet Washer

Water Jet Washer

Kawasaki High Pressure Water Jet Washer (Kawasaki WJ) can strongly wash objects by jetting pressurized water from nozzles.
As jet streams are parallel without diffusing, high energy density washing is obtained at washing point.

Water Jet Washer

Kawasaki WJ consists of nozzle holder with nozzles, bearings and actuator.
Nozzle holder swings to cover wide washing area.(Patent pending)


Non-contact washing
There is no risk to damage glass surfaces as Kawasaki WJ is a non-contact washing. No height adjustment is required in operation which is required on brush washers.

High washing performance
Jet stream of standard washing nozzle is spread and washing energy of washing point becomes low.
As jet stream of Kawasaki WJ is almost parallel and not spread, high washing energy is obtained at washing point.

Simplify washing Process
Covering other washing tools such as roll brush, high pressure washing, ultra sonic and mega sonic washing.
As a result of this, possibly can shorten the line length and eliminate some cost accordingly.


- Washing of solar panels (loading, before CVD, after scribing washers)
- Washing of FPD panels large size glasses and Photo masks etc.
Suitable for the washing of particles stuck strongly such as glass cullets.

Comparison of Kawasaki WJ and Roll brush
  KAWASAKI WJ Gun Roll brush
Direct contact
Influence to
glass surface
There is no risk to damage glass
surfaces as WJ is a non-contact
There is a possibility to damage
glass surfaces by cullet or particles
in brush.
Influence of
deformation of
conveyor shafts, roll
brush itself or glass
Washing performance
does not change so much
even if WJ stand off
changes by conveyor shafts
or glass deformation.

Deformation of roll brush, conveyor
shafts or glass influence washing
performance very much.

Washing the side
of glass

Possible to wash all sides of glass
because of slant jet stream.

Difficult to wash any sides of glass.

Adjustment in
No adjustment is required in
operation. WJ pressure is
automatically controlled.
Adjustment of roll brush height by
brush wear or changing of glass


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