Vibrating Machine

Vibrating Machine

We have delivered many vibrating machines for transporting and sorting out materials of particles, pellets, lumps, chunks, and blocks to every industry including the iron manufacturing, mining, automobile, chemical, ceramics, food, fertilizer and paper manufacturing industries for approximately half a century, providing a master card for labor saving and rationalization.


We can serve all the purposes by adopting a full line of vibrating machines and various motion systems.
The E type vibrating screen (ripple flow) is a popular and standard model with a self-balancing function against the variation of its load and own weight. This type is used for harsh operations in the mining, iron manufacturing, metal, and electric supply industries. The T type vibrating screen (Tyrock Screen) is a completely-balanced recoilless vibrating screen often used in the chemical, ceramics, food, fertilizer, and paper manufacturing industries.
In addition, we can meet all the needs with the super-large H type especially for the iron manufacturing and mining, the K type for iron manufacturing and mining, whose vibration direction and amplitude can be altered, the HS type hot sinter screen exclusively for hot sintered steel, the G-2 gyratory type for fine powder, the high-rigidity vibrating spiral elevator for secure conveying and cooling, and the shakeout machine, an ace for automatic sand separation.
The automatic casting material feeder whose main component is the D type vibrating feeder (Low Head type) weighs and conveys casting materials, and feeds them into a cupola furnace and an electric furnace.
We can provide a system to meet our customers' needs.


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