KAWASAKI REPORT 2009-Environmental and Social Responsibility

Kawasaki Group Profile

Feature Report 1
"A Stakeholder Meeting to Discuss the Kawasaki Report - Environmental and Social Responsibility"
For the purpose of receiving a wide variety of feedback about the CSR activities of the Kawasaki Group
Feature Report 2
Efforts to Contribute to Society by Our Business Bases in Japan and Abroad
Striving to form a more abundant future with the coexistence of people, society and the environment

Corporate Governance and Compliance
In Keeping with the Public Trust
Serving Our Customers
Contributing to Firefighting Training at Fire Academies Through the Creation of Realistic Fire Environments
Relationships with Our Employees
Creating a Flexible Working Environment
Creating Safer and Healthier Workplace 18
Communication with Shareholders and Investors
Communication with Shareholders and Investors
Our Relationship with Society and People
Toward Coexisting with Society and People

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Management (PDF: 433KB)pdflink
Promotion of Environmental Management
Efforts for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions 25
Material Balance of Business Activities and Environmental Accounting 26
Achievements and Appraisal of Environmental Management Activities 27
Environmental Management Activities 29
Contributing to the Environment Through Our Products (PDF: 260KB)pdflink
Consideration for the Environment in Our Products
Main efforts of the Kawasaki Group 31
Efforts for Consumer Products, including Motorcycles and JET SKIR ® Watercraft 32
Environmentally Conscious Products 33
Environmental Solution Products 35
Environmentally Conscious Production (PDF: 87KB)pdflink
Reducing Environmental Impact in Production Activities

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