Environmental Report 2005

Environmental Charter 07
Action Plan for Our 2010 Environmental Vision 07
Message from the Chief Environmental Officer / Organization for Environmental Managemen 08
Key Measures and Evaluations for FY2004 09
Environmental Accounting 10
Environmental Management System (EMS) 11

Product Assessment / Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)/Green Procurement 13
Examples of Products that Contribute to Environmental Impact Reduction 13
Environmentally Conscious Products 15
Environmental Protection Products 17

Kawasaki is Committed to Contributing to the Realization of a "Hydrogen Energy Society" that is Friendly to the Environment 19

Energy Conservation 21
Prevention of Global Warming 21
Waste Reduction 22
Chemical Substance Reduction 22

Contributions to Communities 23
Compliance Management 24
Information Disclosure and Environmental Communications 24
Relations with Employees 25

Internal Companies / Affiliates 27
Production Base 29
Editor's Note 30

Address for Contact , Map of Works and Offices


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