Kawasaki Super Green Product

M1A-17D Gas Turbine

Initial registration: 2014
M1A-17D Gas Turbine

Highest power generation efficiency in its class with lowest NOx emissions, made possible by KHI’s integrated technology

Bird’s eye view of 
M1A-17D engine Results of compressor 
computational fluid dynamics analysis

With improved generating efficiency (2.4% higher than the previous model), the M1A-17D is among the most efficient gas turbines in its power class and has the industry’s lowest level of NOx emissions,
at 35 ppm (converted at 0% O2).

Product Description

Power generation gas turbine boasting higher efficiency, thanks to a change in the flow passage geometry of
the compressor and turbine as well as structural improvements along with a DLE (Dry Low Emission) combustion system, which ensures low-NOx emissions

Special Features