Kawasaki Super Green Product

efACE Standard Railcar

Initial registration: 2017
efACE Standard Railcar

Achieves energy and resource savings
through relentless pursuit of recycling
and reuse, and thorough weight reduction

efACE Standard Railcar

The railcar uses stainless steel as a structural material and aluminum composite plates in the interior panels, both recyclable materials, and promotes use of monoalloys in the aluminum structure.Reduced weight decreases electricity consumption. Friction stir welding (FSW), which requires less heat than MIG welding, is applied during manufacture.

Product Description

This standard commuter railcar is a clean form of mass transport from the perspectives of energy saving and reduced environmental impact. Its core concepts are “flexibility” supporting both stainless-steel and aluminum cars; “rationality” of quality and price; and “added value” of comfort and environmental performance.

Special Features