Kawasaki Super Green Product

Spot Welding Robot (BX200L)

Initial registration: 2014
Kawasaki Environmental Award


Spot Welding Robot (BX200L)

Industry’s lightest, slimmest and most compact
spot welding robot minimizes footprint

Spot Welding Robot (BX200L)

The BX200L has a smaller footprint and is more lightweight than any comparable model in the industry. Since cables and hoses can be stored in the robot’s arm and wrist, interference with adjacent robots or peripheral devices is minimized. This allows for installation in higher-density applications compared with earlier models.

Product Description

This energy- and resource-saving spot welding robot facilitates higher density installation and boosts production efficiency, which leads to lower production equipment costs. It is high-speed, compact and lightweight, and its cables are internally routed between the robot’s wrist and base.

Special Features