Kawasaki Super Green Product

Battery Power System (BPS)

Initial registration: 2014
Battery Power System (BPS)

Introducing a cutting-edge high-performance battery with energy-saving potential and no electrical noise emissions


Kawasaki’s wayside battery power system (BPS) utilizing GIGACELL® contributes to CO2 emissions reduction. The fact that the BPS does not generate electrical noise emissions, it can be used for application in railway operations as an environment-friendly solution.

Product Description

The BPS consists of Kawasaki’s nickel metal hydride GIGACELL®, which connects directly to the main DC power line (i.e., an overhead catenary line or third rail) without any inverters or converters, and as a result, it has the advantage of high response time during power load fluctuations in the railway system, as well as ensuring safety during operation.

Special Features