Kawasaki SUPER Green Product

M5A-01D Gas Turbine

Initial registration: 2018
Kawasaki Environmental Award


M5A-01D Gas Turbine

Achieves world’s best electrical efficiency and
environmental performance in 5 MW class
with lightweight, compact design

M5A-01D Gas Turbine

Achieves the world’s highest electrical efficiency of 32.6% in the 5 MW class, and satisfying best-in-class environmental performance with NOx emissions of 15 ppm (O2 = 15%). It is 20% shorter and 26% lighter than competitors’ products. Using in a co-generation system achieves best-in-class combined efficiency of 84.6%.

Product Description

A gas turbine with best-in class electrical efficiency and environmental performance by use of the small and medium-class industrial gas turbine technology we have accumulated over many years, while inheriting the reliability based on a wealth of experience and achievements, and applying the latest technologies.

Special Features