Kawasaki Super Green Product

Large LNG Carrier with Newly Developed Tank

Initial registration: 2017
Large LNG Carrier with Newly Developed Tank

Large Moss-type LNG carrier with
industry-leading thermal insulation performance,
and fuel and volumetric efficiencies

Large LNG Carrier with Newly Developed Tank

Achievement of the world’s lowest real BOR of 0.05%/d by combining a Kawasaki Panel System with excellent thermal insulation performance, fitted on newly developed non-spherical cargo tanks, with a partial re-liquefaction system. Improvement of fuel efficiency by about 15%, compared with our previous ships, due to the combination of a unique hull form with dual fuel engines.

Product Description

In addition to improving fuel efficiency and reducing environmental impact, this large LNG carrier features a hull size capable of entering LNG terminals worldwide and passing through the newly expanded Panama Canal. Furthermore, the adoption of non-spherical cargo tanks greatly increases its LNG transport capacity.

Special Features