Kawasaki SUPER Green Product

Gas To Gasoline Plant

Gas To Gasoline Plant

Produces high-quality gasoline containing no toxic substances with reduced CO2 emissions

Gas To Gasoline Plant

The plant produces 100% chemically synthesized high-quality gasoline (high octane number, no lead and sulfur content) by using natural gas as feedstock.

The adoption of the ATR (Autothermal Reformer: utilizing reaction heat generated by feedstock chemical reaction) instead of ordinary external combustion reduces CO2 emissions from natural gas reforming process.

Product Description

The plant is the only one of its kind in the world that reforms natural gas into more valuable gasoline used in motor vehicles and so on, and it has the capability of producing 1,800 tons of gasoline per day (about 600,000 tons per year), as well as 350 tons of LPG as a by-product

Special Features