Kawasaki SUPER Green Product

E-series Rexpeller
(Azimuth Thruster)

Initial registration: 2018
E-series Rexpeller (Azimuth Thruster)

Improved propulsive performance through newly developed propeller duct
and reduced noise through modified pump drive system

E-series Rexpeller (Azimuth Thruster)

This product realizes energy saving by using fluid analysis technology to optimize the lower gear case, and employing a newly developed compact, high-performance propeller duct (Kort nozzle). It reduces noise by more than 10 dB by changing the pump drive system from the conventional gear to belts.

Product Description

Azimuth thruster “E-series Rexpeller” developed with the “three Es” as its key concepts: Energy saving by improving propulsion performance; Easy maintenance inside the ship; and Environmentally friendly.

Special Features