History of a company

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Front Cover (PDF:78KB)pdflink
Introduction (PDF:183KB)pdflink
Part1: Our First Century (PDF:78KB)pdflink
  • 1896 to 1996
    Visual History of 100 years
    A Driving Force of History
Part2: The Last 25 Years (Overall History) (PDF:6.36MB)pdflink
  • 1997–2021
    Aiming to Become a Truly Global Company
    Challenge to Create New Value
Chapter1: Transforming Management and Launching Spin-offs(PDF:2.31MB)pdflink
  • 1997–2006
  1. New Horizons for the 101st Year
  2. Aiming to Return to a Sustainable Growth Path
  3. Cultivating New Growth in the 21st Century
Chapter2: Toward "Global Kawasaki" - Living in Harmony with People, Society, and the Planet(PDF:1.86MB)pdflink
  • 2007–2013
  1. Reaching New Heights
  2. Achieving the Group Mission and Consolidating Four Companies
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management
Chapter3: Using Cutting-edge Technology to Build a Brighter Future(PDF:2.30MB)pdflink
  • 2013–2018
  1. Reforming the Management Structure
  2. To Become a Truly Global Company
  3. Toward the Sustainable Development of the Group (Harmonious Coexistence with Stakeholders)
Chapter4: Driving Innovation to Stay Ahead in a Changing World(PDF:1.19MB)pdflink
  • 2019–2021
  1. Transforming the Organization and Corporate Culture
  2. Implementing Group Vision 2030