Unmanned VTOL aircraft

We are combining the helicopter technology we have developed so far with the small high-power engine we have cultivated for motorcycles, to conduct development with the aim of achieving a payload of 200 kg, which is a weight difficult to achieve with unmanned aircraft such as drones. We are also intending to use a power unit in the future for decarbonization.
The target application assumed for the first launch on the market is transportation in mountainous areas. We will proceed with technology demonstrations in stages, with the goal for the mass production type being the transportation of a payload of 200 kg at an altitude of 3,000 m. First of all, we plan to use the existing airframes to develop the K-RACER-X1 transportation-type demonstration aircraft with a payload capacity of 100 kg in low-lying areas, and will conduct technology demonstration tests with the aim of quickly incorporating customer opinions. Next, we will newly develop the K-RACER-X2 airframe with a payload of 100 kg at an altitude of 3,000 m, by applying the technologies and know-how we have acquired through the existing airframes and the K-RACER-X1. We will conduct technology demonstration tests for transportation in mountainous areas and connect that to the development of a mass-production model with a payload of 200 kg.
We are also proceeding with development to enable the future construction of an unmanned cargo transport system in collaboration with delivery robots.


Rotor diameter 5m
Total height 1.9m


1. Medium volume transportation - A 200 kg payload realizes cost-effective transportation

2. Stability - High flight stability realizes stable transportation

3. Long flight times - A flight range of about 100 km is realized, and use for high frequency transportation is also possible


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