Delivery robots

The delivery robots developed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries are robots that combine robotics technology with the road handling ability of a four-wheel buggy.
We are proceeding with development to enable not only delivery, but also the handing over of goods and light work. This will be achieved by utilizing the technology for miniaturization and weight reduction and the excellent road handling suspension we have cultivated in the development of motorcycles, and combining this with the arm control and environmental recognition technology we have cultivated in the development of robots.
In addition to the logistics sector, we are also aiming to apply the system to a wide range of fields such as manufacturing, medical care and nursing care.
For example, the possible usage scenes indoors include the transportation and delivery of tools and components on a factory production line, and the transportation of pharmaceuticals and specimens at medical sites, and the possible usage scenes outdoors include delivery services that travel along sidewalks.

* Prototype robots


1. Unmanned autonomous travel - The ability to recognize the surrounding environment and travel autonomously to the optimal route

2. High conveyance capacity - A high conveyance capacity realizes cost-effective transportation

3. Lightweight design - It is easy for a person to push or lift the robot by hand

4. Road handling ability - Excellent road handling ability makes it possible to travel on uneven public roads and on unpaved roads

5. Remote communication - The use of monitors and cameras makes utilization possible for a variety of applications


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