KAWASAKI REPORT 2006-Environmental and Social Responsibility

Kawasaki Group Profile

The Kawasaki Philosophy of Manufacturing (PDF: 117KB)pdflink 01
Kawasaki Group History Editorial Notes 02
Message from the President (PDF: 73KB)pdflink
Striving for Coexistence between Environmental Conservation and Business Progress
Managerial Stance (PDF: 77KB)pdflink
To Remain a Corporation in Keeping with the Public's Trust
Corporate Profile (PDF: 110KB)pdflink 07

Contributions to Environment
Promise in the Large-Scale Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery GIGACELL
Contributions to Society
Trusted Kawasaki Technology Contributes to World Peace
Steps toward the Practical Use for BULLDOG Humanitarian Demining System

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Management (PDF: 295KB)pdflink
Realizing Our Goals to Contribute to a Sustainable Society

Contributing to Environment & Society
Organization for Environmental Managemen
Environmental Impact of Our FY2005 Business Activities 14
Toward Our 2010 Environmental Vision:
What Kawasaki Should Be in the Year 2010
Achievements and Appraisal of Environmental Management Activities
Environmental Accounting 17
Environmental Impact Data 18
Environmental Management System (EMS) 19
Environmentally Conscious Products (PDF: 437KB)pdflink
Endeavoring to Reduce the Environmental Impact throughout the Life Cycle of Products
Measures for the Consumer Products
Measures for Motorcycles as Part of a Recycling-Based Society 23
Measures for All Products 25
Environmental Protection Products and Technologies 27
Environmentally Conscious Production (PDF: 112KB)pdflink
Reducing Environmental Impact during Production

Coexistence with Communities 31
Walking Hand-in-Hand with the World Community
Kawasaki Wishes to Help Society through It's Technology and Compassion
Activities for the Social Good
The Birth of Our Corporate Museum: Kawasaki Good Times World
A World of Experience Awaits You
For Customer Satisfaction
Our Duties and Responsibilities to Our Customers
For Employee Welfare
Creating an Enthusiastic Work Environment
Making the Workplace Safer and Healthier 38

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