Bipolar 3D Design is the Secret to the High Capacity and Rapid Charge / Discharge of the GIGACELL

Conventional cylindrical nickel-metal hydride batteries consist of rolled materials with separators between each set of positive and negative electrodes. Because of this structure, it is difficult to cool down the interior heat during rapid charges / discharges. Furthermore, scalability was limited since connections between cells created energy loss.

The bipolar design of the GIGACELL prevents overheating of the battery, with a cooling fan effectively sending air through the structure. It also holds down energy loss between cells, actualizing greater capacity.

Another problem that conventional batteries had was their difficult recycling procedures. GIGACELL overcomes this problem, as no welding is used in its construction, thus facilitating disassembly and reassembly processes.

Comparison of Conventional Ni-MH Battery and GIGACELL

Comparison of Conventional Ni-MH Battery and GIGACELL
Conventional Nickerl Metal-Hybride(Ni-MH) Cylindrical Battery

Benefits of the GIGACELL Structure

Cooling Fan

Powerful and efficient cooling enables charging / discharging at high amperages.


With no welding processes during its production, disassembly and recycling processes are facilitated.

Fully Sealed

The GIGACELL is fully sealed, needing no maintenance.

Fully Sealed


GIGACELL modules are composed of individual cells that are connected in series by their cell walls, with the front and rear surfaces becoming positive and negative electrodes, forming the bipolar structure. The thin cell walls provide a large cross-sectional area that minimizes energy loss, which occurs when the cells are connected. Therefore, the large capacities of modules can be accomplished by increasing the number of cells connected in the bipolar structure.

3D Design

Inside each cell, pre-formed strips of positive and negative electrodes are inserted into the two sides of a pleat-folded separator. Increasing the three dimensional elements of the pre-formed strips (height, width and quantity) can easily expand the capacity of the battery.

Battery Monitoring System

The Battery Monitoring System (BMS) that is installed on each module calculates the proper SOC* and uses this to determine if there are any abnormalities. BMS enhances the safety of GIGACELL.

*SOC: State of Charge, is the level of the charge in the battery

Battery Monitoring System

Functions: Calculates SOC, takes measurements of cell voltage, battery temperature and battery internal pressure, and outputs warnings as necessary.

Battery Monitoring System

GIGACELL is a trademark of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. in Japan and the U.S.A.

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