Environmental Report 2003

Contents / Corporate Profile (PDF: 67KB)pdflink 01
Message from the President / Introduction of Environmental Efforts by Kawasaki Internal Companies and Affiliates (PDF: 79KB)pdflink 03
Summary and Evaluation of Basic Plan and Key Measures (PDF: 80KB)pdflink
Summary of 3rd (FY2000-FY2002) Environmental Protection Activities Plan
(EPAP) and FY2002 Environmental Protection Activities Key Measures
Voluntary Evaluation of Kawasaki's Environmental Level
Evaluation of Kawasaki's Environmental Management Level by the Rating Institute
Medium- and Long-Term Environmental Vision (PDF: 80KB)pdflink
What Kawasaki Should Be in the Year 2010
Environmental Charter / Message from the Chief Environmental Officer 08

Organization for Environmental Management / 4th (FY2003-FY2005) Environmental
Management Activities Plan and FY2003 Key Measures
Environmental Management System (EMS) 10

Product Assessment / Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) / Green Procurement 11
Examples of Products that Contribute to Environmental Impact Reduction 12
Environmentally Conscious Products 13
Environmental Protection Products 15

Recycle Power Generation Technology 17

Energy Saving / Prevention of Global Warming 19
Waste Reduction / Chemical Substance Reduction 20

Environmental Accounting 21
IVolunteer Activities & Contributions to Local Communities information Disclosure 22

Internal Companies / Affiliates 23
Production Base 25

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