Environmental Education

Various Training Conducted

We conduct a variety of training for Group employees to increase their understanding of environmental management.

E-learning content for managerial staff
Pamphlet for general employees
Target Content
Frequency Period of the 10th Environmental Management Activities Plan (FY2019–2021)
Fiscal 2019 results Fiscal 2020 results Fiscal 2021 results
Managerial staff Mainly environmental management (e-learning) Content will be updated with the formulation of each three-year Environmental Management Activities Plan and education carried out within the period of the plan Implementation: February 3–14, 2020

Participants: Approx. 2,600 (cumulative total: 76%)
(for all target employees)
Implementation: November 9–20, 2020

Participants: Approx. 3,600 (cumulative total: 98%)
(for target employees who did not participate in fiscal 2019 and newly eligible employees)
Implementation: December 6–29, 2021

Participants: Approx. 3,900 (cumulative total: 99%)
(for target employees who did not participate in fiscal 2020 and newly eligible employees)
General employees Practical implementation of environmental management (distribution of pamphlets) Content will be updated with the formulation of each three-year Environmental Management Activities Plan and distributed to all general employees upon such update and to new hires thereafter Implementation: March 2020

Distributed to all target employees
Recipients: Approx. 20,000
Implementation: April 2020

Recipients: Approx. 150

* As of the end of fiscal 2019, distributed to new fiscal 2020 employees (approximately 1,000)

Implementation: April 2021

Recipients: Approx. 1000

Raising Environmental Awareness

We periodically distribute information internally to raise environmental awareness. We conduct ongoing awareness raising activities, including the publication of environment related articles in the Kawasaki Group internal bulletin, distribution of the President’s message for Environment Month, and distribution of information (environmental data, case examples of energy saving, forestation activity reports, etc.) through our intranet, so that employees can put environmentally conscious activities into practice not only at the workplace, but also in their local communities and homes.

President’s message for Environment Month
Forestation activity report

Cultivating Qualified Managers

To enrich management activities emphasizing energy and the environment, we are striving to cultivate individuals with legal qualifications required under laws and regulations related to energy and the environment. The number of employees with qualifications in fiscal 2021 is as follows. In addition, as an internal qualification, we offer training for internal ISO 14001 environmental management and environmental auditors. A total of 162 employees attended and passed the required training in fiscal 2021.

Employees with Legal Qualifications at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Kawasaki Motors, and Kawasaki Railcar Manufacturing in fiscal 2021

Pollution control managers Air 97
Water 88
Noise, vibration 35
Others 79
Total 299
Energy managers


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