Environmental and Energy Management Organization

With regard to environmental management, the director responsible for environmental issues at KHI is appointed ChiefEnvironmental Officer and in this position chairs the Corporate Environment Committee, which discusses a variety of important matters related to the environment and makes pertinent decisions. So that each internal company can independently roll out the environmental management activities plan, an Environmental Management Officer, an Environmental Protection Officer, a senior manager responsible for environmental protection, and a manager responsible for environmental protection are appointed to match the structure of each internal company with such activities. Furthermore, management systems are in place to encourage coordinated efforts among all employees to implement environment-oriented initiatives.
In its efforts to promote the efficient use of energy, KHI has established an energy management structure that includes appointing the Chief Environmental Officer to the concurrent position of Chief Energy Officer as well as assigning energy officers matched to the business scale of each internal company. An active approach is taken to promote measures and programs. In addition, environmental management and energy management structures applicable to subsidiaries are being set up under each administrative division (the head office and internal companies) under which the subsidiaries operate.

Environmental Management Organization

Energy Management Organization


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