The website for “SOPass,” our ship performance management support system, is launched

May 19, 2023

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. is proud to announce that the website for the Ship Operation and Performance analysis support system (SOPass) is now launched.

SOPass*1 is a voyage performance management system that has been developed to assist all those who are involved in voyage operations. With SOPass, data collected from vessels are not only analyzed and visualized, but also utilized for future forecasting so you can optimize voyage plans and achieve safer voyages with lower operational costs.      

Among SOPass applications, BOG-Navigation proposes cargo operations that allow LNG carriers to use BOG*2 effectively, that will result in improving LNG transportation efficiency. Additionally, this application also simulates optimum heel amount*3 before the voyage, which will maximize trading volume of LNG. With our BOG-Navigation, customers will enjoy economic benefits that far exceeds the initial installation cost.

On this new SOPass website, you can find strengths, functionalities, and cases of SOPass usages clearly laid out for you.  
You can contact us via the website for free trial of SOPass as well.  
Please do take your time and visit the website! 

*1 SOPass: Ship Operation and Performance analysis support system.
*2 BOG (Boil-off gas): the evaporation of LNG that occurs during transportation
*3 heel amount: The volume of LNG left in cargo tanks to be used as refrigerant for cooling as well as fuel for the ship on a ballast voyage.