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Catering to everyone who is engaged in voyage management onshore, our voyage performance management system supports the full spectrum of your fleet operation. With SOPass, data collected from vessels are not only analyzed and visualized, but also utilized for future forecasting so you will improve optimizing voyage plans. For anyone who wants safer voyages with less cost, SOPass is here for you!

One and only

Topnotch Technology. That is our forte.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries has been in the business of development, building, and maintenance of ships since 1878. SOPass is the epitome of our expertise that we have diligently accumulated over our long history as a proud ship builder and marine equipment manufacturer, realizing one and only, high-level model based simulation and future forecast for safer and more economical voyages. With our robust technology, you can count on our SOPass to assist you achieving maximized transportation efficiency for your LNG carriers.

The first vessel built at Kawasaki, launched in 1897

The LNG carrier we completed in 1981, the first one built outside of Europe and the US

The world’s first car carrier that uses LNG as its fuel, completed in 2016

The world’s largest MOSS type LNG carrier we built in 2018

Kawasaki built a jetfoil--the only one in the world that is currently running

Kawasaki released the world’s first liquid hydrogen carrier in 2020

Large-size liquid hydrogen carrier is expected to be launched

The first vessel built at Kawasaki, launched in 1897

The LNG carrier we completed in 1981, the first one built outside of Europe and the US

The world’s first car carrier that uses LNG as its fuel, completed in 2016

The world’s largest MOSS type LNG carrier we built in 2018

Kawasaki built a jetfoil--the only one in the world that is currently running

Kawasaki released the world’s first liquid hydrogen carrier in 2020

Large-size liquid hydrogen carrier is expected to be launched

Excellent Value for Money

Applications that produce great cost-effectiveness

Reduce voyage operation costs with SOPass—A great tool of fuel reduction. Use SOPass for LNG carriers, find out the optimum amount of heel for your voyage, then you will maximize LNG trade volume. The economic benefits of SOPass are direct and robust. Take advantage of it!

Customize it like no other

Say NO to one-size-fits-all solutions. Have a well-fitted solutionjust for you and your business flow

SOPass applications are highly customizable to incorporate your needs. Have you ever wished for a graphic that contains all the information you need of cargo status and propulsion plant systems?
Or, do you want auto-generated reports in a formant of your choosing?
You got it, with SOPass.
What changes would you like us to make? We listen to you, and we will make it happen.

Customize it like no other

Economic Benefits of SOPass

  • Example01

    What can SOPass do for a voyage from Japan to Panama Canal?
    For your particular vessel, SOPass proposes the optimum cargo operation with fuel unit prices factored in, and the most fuel-efficient route.
    You will be saving as much as 30, 000 US dollars in one single voyage of this route over the Pacific Ocean!!
  • Example02

    What happens when SOPass optimizes amount of heel for my LNG carrier?
    Using SOPass, you will be having your voyage with just the right amount of heel in the tank—not too much, not too little. That way you will be maximizing the amount of LNG that can be carried and traded.
    Within a year you will be transporting 600,000 US dollars more worth of LNG!!

SOPass is not just for visualizing data. Look into your future.

Collect, analyze, and visualize data. SOPass does all of that, and then some- looking into the future with our forecasting feature. Our team of experts has developed models for ship-motions and for heat transfer for LNG tanks. These models are used to simulate voyages at a high level, reflecting changes in rolling/pitching or heat ingress, and to forecast how your cargo and optimum routing may transition over the course of your voyage.

Support your vessel operation with Land-Sea communication

SOPass not only collects information from ships, but also sends forecast information about voyages to vessels to support optimal vessel operations. Voyage forecast information carefully examined on land can be easily shared with the vessel with a single click, and the same voyage simulation can be viewed onboard.

Get New Insights

Based on the big data that have accumulated over the years, SOPass provides insightful information in an easy-to-see format.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Make decisions based on data analyzed by SOPass, rather than relying on experience and intuition. Reliable analysis data support customers’ business decisions and solves problems.

The first-in-the industry functionality, specialized for LNG carriers

BOG-Navigation, one of the SOPass applications, is the first-in- the-industry functionality specialized for LNG carriers. Based on the data on weather and sea conditions as well as ship motion models, this app accurately predicts natural BOG (boil- off gas) that is produced during LNG transportation, and proposes the most fuel-efficient route.
In addition, during laden voyages, BOG-Navigation proposes the optimum amount of heel for voyage operation, so you can maximize the amount of LNG to be unloaded.
By improving the efficiency of LNG carrier operation with SOPass, economic benefits will greatly exceed initial cost of installation.


“Monitoring” and “Reporting”
applications are customizable

SOPass not only allows you to choose apps that match your business flow, but also to customize apps. For example, with the “Monitoring” application, you can check the cargo status and propulsion plant status on a graphics screen catered to your vessel.
The “Reporting” application is equipped with a report generation function that meet your needs, considerably reducing your work load. Many kinds of reports are available for customization to reflect customers’ voices, including Daily Report, Voyage Report, Environmental Report, and CII Report.

Simulation technology
that takes full advantage of our expertise in shipbuilding

Utilizing the knowledge of shipbuilding accumulated over many years here at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, SOPass has realized advanced voyage simulation and weather routing that reflect the ship motion characteristics and the heat transfer status of the tanks. Our expertise in shipbuilding is also fully applied to applications that analyze the propulsion performance and fuel efficiency of vessels.

We follow through- From the first step of SOPass installation

We will be there by your side from the contract stage through SOPass installation, to answer any of the questions you may have. We support customers every step of the way—together with customers, Kawasaki Heavy Industries serves to achieve economic voyage operation and reduce operational burden.


SOPass is for ALL types of vessels

SOPass is not just for the ones built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and certainly not just for LNG carriers. New or old, SOPass is available for any and all types of vessels—we provide SOPass to customers all over the world, meeting their needs.

Compatible with any types of communication devices

SOPass collects operational data from the IAS (Integrated Automation System) and VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) already onboard your vessel, and provides users with information analyzed according to their purposes. There are various manufacturers and communication methods for the equipment installed onboard, and that is also where Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ knowledge and network as a shipbuilder come in handy—we work together with equipment manufacturers to find the best communication pathway between SOPass and each onboard equipment.


Our solution—
Unique and Innovative

In recognition of its innovation, SOP has received an innovation endorsement certification from Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Class NK).
SOPass has also won the Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun (a renowned newspaper publisher in Japan) TOP 10 New Product Award in 2017.


Let us help you streamline your business

Do you have any time-consuming work that has to be done manually? Do you wish to evaluate a voyage in accordance with your company specific regulations? SOPass can provide the means to achieve them!

For sustainable future

Trustworthy solutions for the future

The Kawasaki Group will create a hopeful future by providing innovative solutions in a timely manner in an ever-changing society.
We will continue to grow and expand our possibilities, by acting and taking on challenges in a speedy manner that transcends boundaries.


Using the analysis results of operational data and optimal voyage plans that SOPass offers, we invite you to join us in contributing to the better future of the global environment by reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in marine transportation!!

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Watch SOPass!

Watch SOPass!


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