AUTO CULTURE® is an automated cell processing system for cell expansion and other cell manipulations utilizing robotics technology. All cumbersome manual processes are automated with minimal manual intervention.

By setting parameters, the computer aided system manages the scheduling of cell expansion culturing from seeding to harvesting and executes it automatically. The housing of system is an isolator grade to realize ISO class 5 cleanliness level. The built-in decontamination function prevents any cross-contamination as well as contamination from outside.

The cumbersome processes such as medium changes and passages are executed automatically based on the schedule. The parameters like a required cell volume or harvest timing can be changed during the process. In such case, the scheduling is adjusted automatically or manually. All parameter settings are done outside of the system.

The condition of cells during the process can be observed on the screen outside the system via unique image processing technology at anytime as far as cells are adhere on a culture vessel. By checking such conditions, the operator can make right decisions for any actions.

Scope of Automation by AUTO CULTURE®

Scope Automation by AUTO CULTURE

[Cell Expansion]

All operations below are automated unless otherwise mentioned like "manually".

STEP 1  Loading

Consumables and reagents are put in rows of holders inside the system via pass box manually. Then, consumables and reagents are moved into appropriate storages.

STEP 2 Seeding

Suspension of primary cells or cell lines in a tube is put in a holder inside the system via pass box manually. Cells are seeded from a tube into planned number of culture vessels such as flasks or dishes. If required, cells in a tube are concentrated by a centrifugal before seeded. Then, every seeded culture vessel is put in an incubator where the conditions are optimized for cell expansion.

STEP 3 Medium Change

Based on scheduling managed by the system, a culture vessel is taken out from an incubator and medium change is executed. After the medium change, a culture vessel is put back in an incubator.

STEP 4 Cell Observation

Cells can be observed on a screen outside the system by image processing technology at any time as far as cells are adhere on a surface of vessel. By this observation an operator can check the growth of cells and decide the proper timing of passage and/or harvesting without taking cells outside.

STEP 5 Passage

Either by scheduling or by an operator's decision, passage is executed. From/To numbers of culture vessels for passage can vary from 1 to any number and can be decided by an operator.

STEP 6 Harvesting

Cells are washed in culture vessels and harvested into tubes. Harvesting is executed either by scheduling or by an operator's decision.

STEP 7 Delivery

Right after harvesting, cells in a tube are concentrated by a centrifuge to remove cell releasing solution and suspended again in new medium. Suspension of cells in a tube is taken out to outside via pass box.


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