Industrial blower"GM Blower"

Industrial blower"GM Blower"

Our single-stage blowers feature enhanced aerodynamic performance of impeller and efficiency of speed increasing gears to deliver outstanding energy efficiency. Its simple construction makes this top performer highly reliable as well. You can choose a model that's best suited to your needs from our extensive line of products.


  1. High efficiency
    Kawasaki's unique mixed-flow design impeller makes gas to flow smoothly, reduces vortex flow and is more efficient than centrifugal design impellers.
  2. Small inertial moment
    Compared with conventional centrifugal types, the diameter of the mixed-flow impeller is 30 to 40% smaller, so that GD2 becomes smaller and a squirrel cage induction motor can be used.
  3. Compact size, light weight and easy installation
    The blower is compact with its single-stage mixed-flow design that incorporates the integral speed-increasing gear and lubrication oil system. Since space required for installation is small, easy foundation and easy installation is possible with reasonable construction costs.
  4. Low vibration, low noise
    Vibration is extremely low due to the very precisely balanced lightweight rotor. Also, since the basic frequency of noise is high, attenuation is simple and noise can easily be eliminated.
  5. Completely oil free
    Since over-hang type shaft is applied, there is no bearing on the suction side. Suction area completely separated from the oil system enables to supply oil free. Also, a dry gas seal system can be applied for special applications.
  6. Saving energy
    Energy-saving effects are obtained through superior pneumatic performance and inlet vane control even when operating at points other than specified.
  7. Longer operation time
    The structure is simple, with a few parts, and with the rotor and bearing protected completely by oil film. Also, the lightweight rotor and tilting pad bearing with high vibration control mean that only small vibration occurs, enabling continuous operation for long periods.
  8. High reliability
    The GM Blower is standardized product under the strict quality control at our factory to keep a high reliability and it has proven track record of more than 1,300 units supplied for aerial and various gas applications.


  1. Inlet Guide Vane
    Installed and pre-rotated the inlet gas just before the impeller for flow control with sufficient partial load efficiency.
  2. Diffuser
    Optimum shaped diffuser is used. Dynamic pressure can be effectively converted into static pressure, further enhancing overall efficiency. A Variable Diffuser Vane (VDV) is applied for small capacity blower (GR type blower).
  3. Scroll casing
    Air from the diffuser is collected here and effectively discharged by the smooth spiral volute.
  4. Impeller
    The ideal impeller shape is selected by CFD to further increase efficiency. Also, bending stress due to centrifugal force is minimized with an impeller shape that allows high speed rotation. If required, the impeller can be tested at a speed of over 115% of the rated speed using a special spin tester to confirm its strength. The impeller is made of aluminum alloy, titanium alloy or stainless steel according to the application.
  5. Speed-increasing gear casing
    The speed-increasing gear casing is constructed of an upper half and lower half and has sufficient rigidity and strength to support the speed-increasing gear through bearings. The upper casing can be removed independently and separately from other part, enabling easy maintenance and inspection of the speed-increasing gear.
  6. High-speed rotor
    One-piece shaft is used as high-speed rotor & pinion and the impeller is assembled to the tip of that shaft. The rotor is made of chrome molybdenum steel which is heat-treated for sufficient strength, and it is dynamically balanced by a special balancing machine to assure stable rotation with a minimum of vibration. The thrust of the impeller is transmitted to the low-speed shaft, so a thrust bearing for the high-speed shaft is not required, which greatly reduces the mechanical loss.
  7. Speed-increasing gear
    A helical gear is used, which brings the motor speed up to the impeller rotation speed in a single stage. Both pinion and gear are ground to high-precision teeth, and surface hardening is applied.
    The speed-increasing gear features excellent stability at high-speed rotation with little vibration and noise, assuring a long service life.
  8. Bearings
    White metal lining is used on carbon steel for the bearings. A special profile (our original design) or a tilting pad is used to assure the stability during high-speed rotation.


Model Selection

Model Selection diagram

Dimension and Weight

Dimension and Weight
Model Size (mm) Weight (kg)
cover and
GR20 780 180 850 390 250 190 460 1,175 700 125 150 180 900
GR25 915 235 940 390 330 245 550 1,220 800 175 200 230 1,100
GM20 818 190 850 390 300 210 460 1,175 700 200 200 210 900
GM25 945 250 940 390 395 278 550 1,265 800 250 250 250 1,100
GM35 1,178 325 1,100 530 520 362 570 1,512 925 300 300 310 1,600
GM45 1,503 430 1,400 650 680 472 750 1,878 1,150 400 400 390 2,700
GM55 1,668 500 1,050 500 800 551 550 1,998 1,250 500 500 440 3,200
GM65 2,063 590 1,200 600 940 651 600 2,330 1,550 600 600 500 4,600
GM75 2,257 695 1,350 650 1,100 776 700 2,490 1,700 700 700 570 6,000

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