Improving the Quality of Slag Equipment

Improving the Quality of Slag Equipment

The ash from waste incinerators and fly ash is melted at high temperature for being reused as resource. Kawasaki also proposes the improving the quality of slag for boosting its effective utilization.

Improving the Quality of Slag Equipment


Improved slag, which is processed by magnetically separated, crushed and hot raised pH water treatment, has similar character to river sand. It hinders the elution of heavy metal and boosts the stability of slag. By improving, the slag can be utilized more widely and the mixing rate as aggregate can be raised.

An Example of Effective Utilization Hollow Block (Improved Slag 100%)
Non-processed slag (after water-granulation)
Splintered and large lump. Wide range of size of granules. Black, shinny smooth surface.
Crushing processed slag
Reduce the Splintered and large lump which is not suitable for utilization by crushing process. Surface remains smooth and shinny.
Improved slag
By improving, more like river sand lusterless with unlevel surface.


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