Dioxins Thermal Decomposition Equipment

Dioxins Thermal Decomposition Equipment

When incinerating or melt waste including chlorine, fly ash collected contains small amount of dioxin and the treatment of it at the final disposal site is becoming a big issue. Focusing on these dioxin, Kawasaki entered a technical agreement from Germany and introduced the first dioxin thermal decomposition equipment. Since then we have been providing many of this products.

Dioxins Thermal Decomposition Equipment


To decompose dioxin, fly ash is heated at 350℃ to 400℃ for between 30 and 60 minutes in an oxygen-starved environment. Next, the fly ash is quenched to a temperature of 140℃ or less. This causes the dioxin within the fly ash to be decomposed without reformation.

Extent of Decomposition


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