Industrial Waste Treatments

Our society now requires technologies to make waste nonhazardous, volume-reduced and recyclable to protect a sound environment from various waste produced in plenty and to support sustainable development. Kawasaki is contributing to the society by developing the following technologies and facilities.

  1. Plant where industrial waste is incinerated or made into RPF
    (Plant with rotary kiln type incinerator, RPF manufacturing plant)
  2. Plant where industrial waste unsuitable for incineration or RPF is crushed, sorted and recycled.
    (Plant mainly for waste from construction sites and car scrap)
  3. Facilities to melt down persistent waste by the plasma enhanced melter
    (Certified as a PCB treatment facility)
  4. Volume reduction facilities for low-level radioactive waste
  5. Melt state polymerization facilities to chemically get PET resin usable for producing quality PET bottles from used PET bottles


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