Experimental Nuclear Fusion Reactor Equipment

Kawasaki is participating in the construction project of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) promoted by the government for practical use of nuclear fusion energy, which is one option of promising innovative energy sources in the late 21st century. We are preparing to contribute to the ITER construction by producing equipment for a nuclear fusion reactor by applying our cutting-edge manufacturing, remote control, automation and nuclear power technologies. The main products for a nuclear fusion reactor are a blanket which is installed around plasma (nuclear reactor core) to extract nuclear fusion energy, shield against radiation and produce fuel (tritium), a diverter which controls plasma impurity, and the tritium processing equipment. We are also actively engaged in the Large Helical Device Project by National Institute for Fusion Science and renovation project of the JT-60 of Japan Atomic Energy Agency.

Bird's-eye View of ITER
ITER (First Wall Blanket)
Helical Diverter for National Institute for Fusion Science


3-dimensional joining technique called the hot isostatic pressing (HIP) is employed for austenitic steel, copper alloys and beryllium, armor against plasma, to manufacture the ITER blanket. The ITER blanket (trial model) was delivered to Japan Atomic Energy Agency. The LHD diverter of complicated configurations was designed and manufactured by using 3-dimensional CAD. Brazing techniques have been developed to braze carbon composites and tungsten, armor against plasma, to a heat sink of copper alloys in the ITER diverter. For maintenance checks of the ITER, a high-precision handling system, a large and heavy construction weighing tens of tons, is required and we delivered a scale facility (trial model) of the ITER vacuum vessel port shielding plug remote handling system to Japan Atomic Energy Agency.

Delivery Record of Nuclear Energy-related Products


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