Kawasaki Super Green Product

Centrifugal Chiller Using Water as Refrigerant

Initial registration: 2014
Centrifugal Chiller Using Water as Refrigerant

Epoch-making HFC-free, high-efficiency
chiller cuts greenhouse gas emissions

Refrigerant Explanatory Drawing

This HFC-free chiller, using water as a refrigerant, delivers efficiency comparable to existing chiller models. Its compact design makes it a viable alternative to existing chillers.

Product Description

This centrifugal chiller uses water as the refrigerant and is therefore free of hydrofluorocarbons. This choice of refrigerant can contribute to protection of the ozone layer while preventing global warming. The chiller features a new type of compressor as well as key components developed in-house. Its compact design facilitates its use as a replacement model for existing equipment.

Special Features