Automatic Body Temperature Checking System at Kawasaki Good Times World and Kawasaki Robostage

Remote-controlled automated PCR viral testing robot system

Kawasaki installed an automatic body temperature checking system using its duAro2, a dual-arm SCARA robot capable of safely working together with humans, at the Kobe Maritime Museum/Kawasaki Good Times World (Kobe) and the Kawasaki Robostage robot showroom (Odaiba, Tokyo).
The automatic body temperature checking system uses a dual-arm robot equipped with a non-contact temperature sensor in its right hand. As each visitor enters, they position their forehead near the temperature sensor, then hold their hand in front of an operation-start sensor to have their body temperature checked. If the visitor's temperature is below a predetermined limit, the robot lifts the barrier held in its left hand, allowing the visitor to enter. If the visitor's temperature exceeds the limit, a staff member is called to the entrance. The entire process is thus carried out using only contactless sensors, meaning there is no physical contact between employees and visitors, helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
The duAro2 is part of the duAro series, designed to safely collaborate with and work alongside humans. These highly practical robots can learn through simple direct teaching* and are therefore used in a wide variety of situations and tasks. For safety, duAro robots’ arms are covered in a soft material, and if a robot does come into contact with a person during operation, the robot detects the collision and halts its movement.

* Direct teaching: A method of inputting movement instructions in which the operator directly moves the robot’s arms and the robot memorizes these movements.