First Small Hydropower System Ordered

Sep. 14, 2010

First Small Hydropower System Ordered

Tokyo, September 14, 2010 — Kawasaki Plant Systems, Ltd. (K Plant) announced today that it has received the first order for its small hydropower system, the Ring Hydroturbine. The system is to be employed at the Masaki Dam on the Katsuura River in Tokushima Prefecture.

The small hydropower system will be installed in an existing dam facility used to stabilize water flow. K Plant will also supply a control panel linking the hydropower system with the local dam authority’s central power system plus a remote monitoring system that will enable operators to monitor hydropower system operations from the dam authority’s main operations center. The new hydropower system with an output of approximately 70 kW is scheduled to go on line in February 2011.

The Ring Hydroturbine is a small in-line propeller type hydropower system jointly developed by K Plant and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Featuring a ring-shaped electric generator mounted around a hydroturbine, this integrated generator design boasts a much smaller footprint with less noise and vibration than conventional systems. Fitted with oil-free, water-lubricated bearings, the hydroturbine doesn’t have any negative impact on water quality. This feature also eliminates the need for greasing and replacing parts, making the system maintenance-free.

The new hydropower system will cut power consumption and CO2 emissions while supplying power to the local dam authority’s main operations center. Surplus electricity can be sold to the grid, which will offset maintenance costs for the dam authority.

Small-scale hydropower is gaining more and more attention as a renewable energy source generating the least CO2 emissions. Small hydropower systems have demonstrated very small fluctuations in power output over the course of a normal operating year, making them an extremely stable power generation system that effectively uses renewable energy resources.

The Ring Hydroturbine is available in various sizes and capacities from 20 kW to 500 kW. As industries continue to look for ways to cut CO2 emissions and save the environment, the outlook for small hydropower systems remains bright. Demand for the systems is expected to increase for dam facilities used to stabilize water flow, water treatment plants, as well as agricultural and industrial applications.

Kawasaki is helping to build a sustainable society through the development and application of technologies and systems that reduce emissions and make efficient use of untapped, renewable energy sources, such as biomass, wind and solar power.

Overview of the Small Hydropower System
System components: Ring Hydroturbine, grid connection system, switchgear panel, remote monitoring system, sluice valves, flow control valves, ultrasonic flow meter
Hydroturbine model: 200_H
Design point: Net head: 34 m, Flow volume: 0.3 m3/s
Output: Generated power output: 73 kW, Grid offtake: 70 kW