Green Gas Engine Drives In-house Power Generation Plant

Feb. 01, 2010

Green Gas Engine Drives In-house Power Generation Plant

Tokyo, February 1, 2010 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it has constructed and started operating the Kobe Power Center, an in-house power generation system driven by the Kawasaki Green Gas Engine, at the Kawasaki Kobe Works.

The in-house power generation system is equipped with the KG-12, a 12-cylinder, 5,000 kW Kawasaki Green Gas Engine. Implementing the system enables Kawasaki to build on its operational know-how of in-house power generation and enhance its ability to offer related solutions covering everything from installation to operation and support services. The new in-house power generation system driven by Kawasaki’s Green Gas Engine will serve as a model of superior performance. Kawasaki can use the system to simulate its customers’ power plant operations and provide them with optimal energy solutions. All electricity generated by the in-house power generation system is used by the Kobe Works. Boasting a world record-breaking fuel-to-electricity efficiency rate, the Kawasaki Green Gas Engine is sure to cut energy costs.

Kawasaki’s cutting-edge Green Gas Engine has a proven track record of cost efficiency and environmental performance underscored by a record-breaking electric generation efficiency of 48.5% and the world’s lowest NOx emissions level of less than 200 ppm at 0% O2. The Green Gas Engine beats conventional gas engines in its class by cutting fuel costs by more than 5%. Thanks to its low-NOx emissions, the Kawasaki Green Gas Engine eliminates the need for de-NOx equipment in most areas of Japan. Lightweight and compact, the Kawasaki Green Gas Engine also features an electric spark ignition system that does away with the need for liquid fuel. Once test runs are complete, Kawasaki will connect its in-house power generation system to the grid and enhance the gas engine’s power generation efficiency via networked operations.

While today’s mounting problems related to global warming pose a serious risk to the environment, Kawasaki is meeting the challenge head on with new energy and environment-related technologies that minimize our carbon footprint.

Outline of Kawasaki Green Gas Engine-driven power generation system

Engine KG-12 Kawasaki Green Gas Engine
Rated output 5,000 kW
NOx emissions 200 ppm max. (at 0% O2)
Fuel Natural gas (Japanese Classification: City Gas 13A)