New High-Speed Snow Dozer Launched

Jul. 28, 2009

New High-Speed Snow Dozer Launched

Tokyo, July 28, 2009 — KCM Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, announced today the launch of its new 55DV-2 high-speed snow dozer on August 1.

Kawasaki’s proprietary 55DV-2 high-speed snow dozer is the fastest in Japan, boasting a top speed of 49 km/h. It can reach snow-clearing destinations quickly without causing any traffic congestion en route to carry out efficient snow removal operations. Powered by an engine that significantly reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions, the 55DV-2 is a state-of-the-art model compliant with Japan’s stringent off-road vehicle emissions regulations.

The new high-speed snow dozer is equipped with a fuel efficient (FE) mode that cuts fuel consumption while enhancing productivity, an easy-access engine room featuring a full-swing flip-up hatch as well as the Machine Operation Diagnostic Module (MODM) that provides diagnostic information for more efficient maintenance and troubleshooting.

Various optional attachments are also available for the 55DV-2 to meet a diverse range of snow removal operation needs.