LNG Jupiter LNG Carrier Delivered

Jul. 01, 2009

LNG Jupiter LNG Carrier Delivered

Tokyo, July 1, 2009 — Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation today delivered the LNG Carrier LNG Jupiter to Lloyds TSB Equipment Leasing (No.7) Limited.

The vessel, identified as Kawasaki Hull No.1592, is the third in Kawasaki’s new line of 153,000 m3 LNG Carriers. While the new vessel’s capacity has been increased by about 8,000 m3 due to the installation of a 2-meter tall cylindrical extension at the mid-section of three of the four aft tanks, the size of the hull is the same as a 145,000 m3 LNG carrier, making it able to enter most major LNG terminals around the world.

The vessel features excellent thermal insulation performance owing to the Kawasaki Panel System which achieves a boil-off rate of 0.15 percent per day. The cargo tanks are protected against direct damage by double-hulls and double bottoms.

Other features of this 289.50 m long ship include a computer-controlled navigation system in the wheelhouse that improves operability by integrating conventional navigation systems located in various areas of the vessel as well as a 360° view window that ensures safe sailing.

Monitoring and control of cargo-handling is operated from the cargo control room, which is positioned for the best view of cargo-handling operations. The cargo control room is equipped with an Integrated Automation System (IAS), which monitors and controls the cargo system. The engine control room is also equipped with an IAS to monitor engine condition.

The vessel has a number of features that ensure the performance of its equipment under low temperature conditions and enable it to operate in cold climates where the atmospheric temperatures reach -25°C and seawater temperatures are as low as -2°C These features include enclosed navigation bridge wings, full compliance with Class NK winterization requirements, and an air bubbling system that prevents the ballast tanks from freezing. The lower ends of the tank covers, which are subject to greater stress than other areas, use anti-fatigue steel to improve fatigue life.