Vertical Axis Wind Power Generation System Delivered to NIPR

Mar. 31, 2009

Vertical Axis Wind Power Generation System Delivered to NIPR

Tokyo, March 31, 2009 - Nippi Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, announced today that it has delivered a 20 kW vertical axis wind power generating system to the National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR).

Development of this system marks Nippi's entrance into the wind power application market. Ordered by NIPR in October 2008, the system has been installed on a site owned by the City of Nikaho in Akita Prefecture adjacent to Nikaho Highland. NIPR will conduct a series of tests on this system prior to installing wind power generators at the Showa Station in Antarctica. This work is part of NIPR's environmental initiatives aimed at promoting the use of renewable energy sources as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Nippi has leveraged its wealth of technological expertise in aircraft design and manufacturing to develop this state-of-the-art vertical axis wind power generation system. Its compact design makes it perfect for installation in urban environments including building rooftops, parks, parking lots, and harbors.

The vertical axis wind power generation system features:

1. Blades that do not need to be positioned towards the direction of the wind, eliminating loss in efficiency due to variable wind directions.
2. A simple mechanism designed to enhance reliability and a vertical axis wind turbine that makes it possible to place the generator close to the ground for easy access and maintenance.
3. Airfoils that rotate at low speeds to make the system quiet.

Nippi is working to power the future with sustainable energy and bring the  world technologies and products that tap renewable energy sources in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make more efficient use of the Earth's resources.