Kawasaki Releases Green Sigma Ace Genelink 1.43 Series

Feb. 05, 2009

Kawasaki Releases Green Sigma Ace Genelink 1.43 Series

Tokyo, February 5, 2009 — Kawasaki Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. announced today the release of its Sigma Ace Genelink 1.43 series (JIS Standard COP 1.43). These certified Green Models, meet the newly revised, stricter environmental performance criteria for absorption chiller-heaters jointly established by Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., and Toho Gas Co., Ltd. Following on the heels of the green certification for the Sigma Ace 1.43 series (gas-fired) in February 2008, the Sigma Ace Genelink 1.43 series was awarded Green Model status due to its superior energy saving performance and operational efficiency.

An absorption chiller-heater is a cooling/heating unit that uses gas or oil as fuel and water as a refrigerant. Kawasaki was the first in the world to commercialize this breakthrough technology in 1968. Since then, Kawasaki has been developing various related technologies as the leading manufacturer of absorption chiller-heaters which are widely used in hotels, offices, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, district heating/cooling and factories in Japan and around the world. The Genelink series is a line of energy-efficient absorption chiller-heaters that use waste gas and water in addition to fuels for cooling and heating.

The Sigma Ace Genelink 1.43 series incorporates the superior environmental features of the green certified Sigma Ace 1.43 line of direct-fired absorption chiller-heaters, such as the industry’s highest part load efficiency. Equipped with Kawasaki’s proprietary advanced waste heat exchanger, the Sigma Ace Genelink 1.43 series also reduces fuel consumption by utilizing waste heat (heated water). Its enhanced waste heat recovery capability during part load operation has also been enhanced to encompass a wider operating range when driven solely by waste heat, resulting in higher energy-saving performance.

The Sigma Ace Genelink 1.43 series includes a lineup of 15 models ranging in cooling capacity from 281 kW to 2,462 kW (80RT to 700RT).