Kawasaki to Launch Small Hydropower Systems

Jan. 20, 2009

Kawasaki to Launch Small Hydropower Systems

Tokyo, January 20, 2009 — Kawasaki Plant Systems, Ltd. (K Plant) announced today that it will start production and sale of the Ring Hydroturbine, a small in-line propeller type hydropower system that has been jointly developed with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Small hydropower uses untapped hydraulic energy sources to generate power on a small scale. The minor amounts of CO2 emissions and power fluctuations make this an extremely stable power generation system that effectively uses renewable energy sources.

Kawasaki’s Ring Hydroturbine is much more compact and silent than conventional systems. Its performance has been verified as meeting specified requirements in tests conducted at a multi-purpose dam in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan prior to its launch.

The Ring Hydroturbine is available in different sizes and capacities from 20 kW to 500 kW. Kawasaki will market the product to water treatment facilities, dams that are used to stabilize water flow or supply water, as well as factories and plants. The new system promotes the use of untapped energy sources for power generation while significantly cutting CO2 emissions.

Product Features:

(1) Compact design
Permanent magnets are mounted on the hydroturbine (runner) in order to realize an integrated generator design (patent pending) for a compact body that is less than half the size of conventional in-line hydroelectric turbines. The compact system can be easily installed in small spaces, such as areas between existing pipelines that are too small for conventional hydropower systems.

(2) Vibration and noise free
The Ring Hydroturbine employs water-lubricated bearings that prevent contact with other mechanical parts to eliminate noise and vibration. The system can be installed near residential areas without the need for any special noise control measures. The Ring Hydroturbine can also be used as a pressure reduction/flow control valve, making it a quiet power generation solution.

(3) Oil free
Fitted with water-lubricated bearings (patent pending) that use only water pressure to support the rotation of the hydroturbine, the system does not require the use of oil and has no adverse effect on water quality.

(4) Maintenance free
No daily maintenance, such as oiling and replacing belts, is required.