First-Ever Rexpeller Orders Received from Brazil and Saudi Arabia

Oct. 29, 2008

Tokyo, October 29, 2008 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it has received orders for its Rexpeller azimuth thruster from Brazil and Saudi Arabia. These orders mark the Brazilian and Saudi Arabian debut of the Rexpeller.

Kawasaki will supply 20 Rexpeller units to be installed on 10 tugboats for Detroit Brasil Ltda. in Brazil. Four more Rexpellar units will go to Saudi Arabia’s Zamil Offshore Services Company Ltd. where they have been ordered for two supply boats that are designed to convey materials needed for an offshore resources development project. These supply boats will achieve high maneuverability when the Rexpeller units are combined with four Kawasaki side thrusters that have also been ordered. Both deliveries are scheduled for 2010.

The Rexpeller is a fully azimuth-steerable thruster that can generate thrust in any horizontal direction and be utilized as a propulsor, rudder and side thruster. Its excellent maneuverability has made the Rexpeller the perfect propulsion solution for tugboats and supply boats.

Kawasaki has supplied more than 500 Rexpeller units since it was first launched in 1983 and has sold more than 3,000 side thrusters since 1967. These latest orders are a testimony to Kawasaki’s abundant experience and superior engineering expertise.