Energy Navigator LNG Carrier Delivered

Jun. 30, 2008

Energy Navigator LNG Carrier Delivered

Tokyo, June 30, 2008 — Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation today delivered the LNG Carrier Energy Navigator to Tokyo LNG Tanker Co., Ltd. and Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.

The carrier is the ninth in a line of internationally acclaimed 147,000 m3 LNG Carriers boasting state-of-the-art facilities developed by Kawasaki Shipbuilding. The vessel has four Moss spherical tanks that hold a total of 147,558 m3 of LNG. It also features excellent thermal insulation performance with the Kawasaki Panel System, which achieves a boil-off rate of 0.1 percent per day. The cargo tanks are protected against direct damage by double-side shells and a double bottom.

Other features of the 289.53 m long ship include a computer-controlled navigation system integrated into the wheelhouse to improve operability, and a 360° view window that enables single-operator oceangoing navigation.

Monitoring and control of cargo-handling operations is performed from the cargo control room, which is positioned for the best view of the cargo areas. The control room is also equipped with an integrated automation system (IAS), which monitors and controls the cargo system and engine conditions. These superior operability features were adopted at the suggestion of ship operators from the development stage.

The Energy Navigator also boasts other features to prevent equipment from malfunctioning in extreme environments, such as -25 °C air and -2 °C water temperatures.