Korea’s First Offshore Gas Compression Module Shipped

Apr. 16, 2008

Korea’s First Offshore Gas Compression Module Shipped

Tokyo, April 16, 2008 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it has recently shipped an offshore gas compression module from its Kobe Works for the Donghae-1 Gas Platform Modification Project being conducted by the Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC).

The compression module is a compact facility comprising compressors, a driver, gas cooler, scrubber, valves, controllers and other equipment used to compress natural gas at an offshore platform and transport it to land via underwater pipelines. This modular concept enables optimum installation in the limited space on offshore platforms.

Since the module is built to be lifted from a single point and has been test-run before shipment, only minimal installation and preparatory operations are required.

Even though it is equipped with two compressors, the module boasts a low gross weight of less than 700 tons and meets strict weight restrictions for installation on the existing Donghae-1 offshore gas platform located near the coast of Ulsan, Korea.

Kawasaki has developed a proven track record in this business field, manufacturing and delivering 48 modules mainly to India and Malaysia. This latest shipment is to become Korea’s first gas compression module and is a testament to Kawasaki’s expertise.