Sun Arrows LNG Carrier Delivered

Nov. 12, 2007

Sun Arrows LNG Carrier Delivered

Tokyo, November 12, 2007 – Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation today announced that it delivered the LNG Carrier Sun Arrows to Maple LNG Transport Inc., owned jointly by Hiroshima Gas Co., Ltd. and Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, on November 9.

The carrier, identified as Kawasaki Hull No. 1593, is the second 19,100 m3 LNG carrier built by Kawasaki to be operated by Mitsui O.S.K. Lines to transport LNG for Hiroshima Gas. It has three Moss spherical tanks with a capacity of 19,176 m3 LNG. It also features excellent thermal insulation performance with Kawasaki Panel System.

Monitoring and control of cargo handling operations is performed from the cargo control room, which is positioned for the best view of the cargo areas. The room is also equipped with an integrated automation system (IAS) to monitor and control the cargo system and engine conditions. These superior operability features were adopted at the suggestion of ship operators from the development stage.

Because the Sun Arrows will be engaged in operations mainly around Sakhalin, Russia, it also boasts other features to make it operable in -25°C air and -2°C water temperature. These include an ice-repellant structure, ice-resistant, low- friction coatings on the bow, controllable pitch propellers, a fully enclosed bridge, night vision cameras to monitor icebound seas, a powerful searchlight and additional features to prevent equipment from malfunctioning in such an environment.