Kawasaki Receives Order for Morocco Cement Plant

Feb. 02, 2007

 Tokyo, February 2, 2007 – Kawasaki Plant Systems, Ltd. today announced that it has been awarded an approximately 8 billion yen contract for a cement plant to be used in the second production line at Lafarge Cement’s Tetouan II facility located in Tetouan City in northern Morocco. The plant is scheduled to begin production in 2009.

 The plant with a daily production capacity of 2,300 tons adopts the same design as the former plant for the first line at the Tetouan II facility which was delivered by Kawasaki in 2004. Kawasaki is responsible for supplying and installing main equipment such as raw material grinding and calcining equipment. The second line will be constructed adjacent to the first line to meet the increasing domestic demand for cement and Lafarge Cement’s expansion in the Moroccan market.

 Headquartered in Casablanca, Morocco, Lafarge Cement is a subsidiary of Lafarge Morocco, established through joint investment by Lafarge SA (headquartered in Paris, France), the world’s number one cement producer with more than 100 cement kilns, and SNI (Societe Nationale d’Investissement), a major investment company in Morocco. Operating four cement plants in Morocco, Lafarge Morocco produces and sells 5 million tons of cement annually.

 The first production line of the Tetouan II facility supplied by Kawasaki boasts one of the highest operating rates among all Lafarge plants worldwide and has greatly contributed to the bottom line of not only Lafarge Morocco but also the entire Lafarge Group. Lafarge specifically chose to award Kawasaki this latest contract after Kawasaki demonstrated its superb cement plant technological capabilities in work on the first production line.