Kawasaki Received Order for Coal-fired Boiler from Nippon Paper Chemicals

Oct. 30, 2006

 Tokyo, October 30, 2006 — Kawasaki Plant Systems, Ltd. (K Plant) announced today that it has received an order for a coal-fired boiler from the Gotsu Works of Nippon Paper Chemicals Co., Ltd. (NPC). The construction of the boiler is scheduled for completion in August 2008.

 With the installation of the coal-fired boiler, NPC’s Gotsu Works plans to switch the fueling of its in-house power generation from an oil-fired to a coal-fired system. Amid skyrocketing crude oil prices, this will contribute to NPC’s efforts to realize oil-free operations while reaping significant savings in energy costs.

 The coal-fired boiler will be used to supply electric power and steam to the Gotsu Works. It consists of a main boiler unit, an exhaust gas treatment system and a stack. As also, the main boiler unit employs Kawasaki’s proprietary low NOx burner, which allows for effective furnace denitration through combined use with a dual firing system . Equipped with an electrostatic precipitator and a flue gas desulfurization system, the coal-fired boiler is built to environmentally friendly specifications. It also allows for mixed combustion of biomass fuels for the more effective use of resources and reducing environmental burden.